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TRYON is a web3 social platform that connects brands, creators, and shoppers through the distribution of original content. It enables every user to participate in the fashion world and earn crypto through their activities.


Mannequin Token

The TRYON tokenomics model is designed to provide a fair and stable economy. It operates on a single-token system with the limited supply Fashion Mannequin Token (ticker symbol FMT) serving as the only utility and governance token.

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tokenomics image

FMT Distribution

FMT is distributed via a vesting system to promote stability and prevent market manipulation. The specific vesting terms such as duration and release rate may vary, but the overall goal is to ensure its value reflects platform usage and adoption.


q1 2023
  • Early investment stageCore platform
  • Architecture Development
  • Design UX/UI
  • Test ecosystem
q2 2023
  • Testnet MVP Preparation
  • FMT Strategic sale
  • Business development strategy
q3 2023
  • Load/Penetration testing
  • Testnet tuning/development
  • Business Development for influencers
  • FMT Launchpads
  • Brand integration
q4 2023
  • Market rollout preparation
  • Offline marketing campaigns
  • Promotional campaign for public
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    What is TRYON?
    FMT is distributed via a vesting system to promote stability and prevent market manipulation. The specific vesting terms such as duration and release rate may vary, but the overall goal is to ensure its value reflects platform usage and adoption.
    How can I join beta?
    To join the TRYON beta launch, you need to sign up on the TRYON website or follow TRYON's social media accounts to stay updated on when the beta launch is happening. Once the beta is available, you can apply to become a beta tester by filling out a form on the TRYON website. The TRYON team will review the applications and select a limited number of beta testers to participate in the program. As a beta tester, you will have early access to the app and be able to provide feedback to help improve the app before the official launch.
    When will TRYON be launched?
    TRYON is currently under development and a launch date has not yet been announced. However, the team is working hard to bring the platform to users as soon as possible.
    What platforms will TRYON be available on (iOS, Android, web, etc.)?
    TRYON will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. The platform will also have a web-based Business version.
    How do I sign up to use TRYON once it's launched?
    Once TRYON is launched, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play and sign up for an account. You will need to provide some basic personal information and create a username and password to get started.
    Is TRYON free to use?
    TRYON is free to download and use for both reviewers and users. However, there are some optional paid inner services available. These services include inner targeting ads and the ability to create and pay for review contracts, ads, and analytics. Also, there are transaction fees associated with cryptocurrency transfers.
    What features can I expect from TRYON once it's launched?
    In addition to the basic social media features, TRYON will also have some unique features specific to its clothing review and recommendation platform. These features will include a size mapping system, which will allow users to easily find clothes that fit their unique body type and size. The app will also have a user-friendly interface for entering body measurements, making it easier for users to get accurate recommendations. TRYON will allow users to make detailed reviews of clothes, including photos and videos, and will reward users for their contributions to the platform. The app will also have a custody wallet to securely store and manage the rewards earned by users. The app will also include several features for businesses, such as the ability to create review contracts and targeted ads.
    How to earn on TRYON?
    To start earning with TRYON, you can sign up on the app, fill out your profile with your biometric measurements and style preferences, than create and share clothing reviews. Once your review has been approved by the TRYON AI system, you will receive a token reward in your custody wallet.
    Can I earn without entering my body measurements?
    It is possible to earn rewards without entering body measurements, users who do not provide this information receive significantly less rewards. It's important to note that entering accurate body measurements is a key component of the TRYON platform, as it helps to ensure that clothing reviews are more relevant and useful for other users.
    What kind of reviews can I create on TRYON?
    You can create reviews of any type of clothing or fashion product, including apparel, shoes, accessories, and more. As the rule, your review should include a photo or video of the product, along with a description and purchase link.
    How do I know if my review has been approved?
    You will receive a notification in the app once your review has been approved or rejected by the contract initiator. You can also check the status of your review in the "My Reviews" section of the app.
    How long does it take to receive my FMT rewards?
    FMT rewards are typically distributed within 12 hours of completing a review contract. However, in some cases, it may take up to 48 hours for rewards to be processed.
    Can I exchange FMT for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency?
    At this time, FMT can only be used within the TRYON platform and cannot be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.
    How do I report a review that I believe is fraudulent or fake?
    You can report a review by clicking the "Report" button on the review in question. Our team will investigate the report and take appropriate action if necessary.
    Can I earn rewards for sharing my reviews on social media?
    Yes, you can earn extra rewards for sharing your reviews on other social media platforms, as long as you use the appropriate TRYON tags and hashtags and comply with the platform's guidelines. TRYON provides cross posting feature to make it easier.
    Can I leave a review without purchasing the item?
    Yes, TRYON allows users to visit physical stores, try on clothes in the dressing room, take photos or videos, and post reviews. You can earn rewards for these reviews even if you do not purchase the item.
    Can I change my body measurements after entering them into the app?
    Yes, you can update your body measurements at any time in the app settings. However, please note that this may affect the types of reviews and contracts that are available to you.
    Who is providing the reward for the clothes reviews on TRYON?
    The reward for clothes reviews is initially provided from the TRYON Ecosystem token pool. As the platform grows and more brands and advertisers join, they may also provide rewards for reviews as part of their marketing and advertising campaigns.
    How does the TRYON AI system evaluate my reviews?
    The TRYON AI system uses a variety of factors to evaluate the quality of clothing reviews, including the accuracy and detail of the review, the relevance of the content to other users, and the overall engagement level of the review.
    What happens if I receive a low-quality rating on my review?
    If your review is deemed low-quality by the TRYON AI system, you may not receive a reward for your submission. However, you can always try again and submit a higher-quality review in the future.
    What is a custody wallet?
    A custody wallet is a type of digital wallet that is used to store and manage cryptocurrency tokens. TRYON users can set up a custody wallet on the platform to receive and manage their rewards.
    Can I use TRYON to buy clothes?
    No, TRYON is not a retail platform and does not sell clothing directly. However, you can use TRYON to find clothing reviews and purchase links for products that other users have reviewed.
    Is my personal information secure on TRYON?
    Yes, TRYON takes the security and privacy of user information very seriously. The platform uses advanced encryption and other security measures to protect user data and keep it safe from unauthorized access.
    What happens if I violate the TRYON terms of service?
    If you violate the TRYON terms of service, you may be subject to penalties including the loss of FMT rewards, account suspension or termination, and legal action if necessary.
    How can I contact TRYON customer support?
    You can contact TRYON customer support by filling out the contact form on the website. The support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and resolve any issues you may have.